Who am I?

If you’re reading this, you should have a slight idea of who I am. Or maybe you’ve come across this and thought this looked like a good read, well great! Welcome!

So first things first, who is the young woman behind the words of this website? A 26 year-old wife who low key hoards animals, loves gardening, cooks for fun, and enjoys the outdoors. What can you expect from this page? A WHOLE boatload of everything. I’m going to share everything from life experiences, to recipes, and everything in between.

To get a bit personal on this first post, my husband, Sawyer and I have been married for almost 5 months. We have Queen Delilah, our almost two-year-old pit-bull and King Pepper, our 6 month old kitten who rule the house. Our lives are anything but ordinary. On top of Delilah and Pepper, we also have Phil, our rabbit, Squirrel, our gerbil (he’s an old man), Noodles, a baby ball python, and a freshwater fish tank and two saltwater fish tanks. 🙄 Low key animal hoarder here, I know. I would have more animals if my husband would let me.

My long term goals with this would be to teach my readers to cook healthy and fun, pass along some life hacks, share my crazy life stories with you, while living life to the fullest each day. I sure hope you’ll stick around and get to know me better.

Next post will be Sunday.

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