Catch Up

Hello everyone!

I’ve had so many posts to complete from my last post until now, but surprise, surprise, life got the best of me.  So here I am to post one crazy post about what I’ve done the last month.

First things first, WE’RE HAVING A BOY!! We are beyond excited.  Beckett will be arriving in November sometime and now the fun sets in for setting up his area, and getting everything done.  We technically have a 2 bedroom apartment, but, the pets occupy most of the second bedroom, and our bedroom is on another floor. So, until he outgrows our room, we’ll be setting everything up in there. Trust me, our bedroom is large enough to make it two bedrooms.

Anyway, carrying on, we’ve made so much food. Although, most of it is my husband because even though they tell you “oh, you’ll have so much more energy the 2nd trimester,” I don’t have too much more. (Things they tell you about pregnancy that isn’t really true; another blog coming.) So, what have we been making you ask? We’ve made steaks with chimichurri, seafood chowder, and we went camping and made a pork roast over the fire. Let me just tell you, that there are certain things in life that are just better over a camp fire, and I believe potatoes with an ungodly amount of butter, and pork are one of those.


I mean, come on; look at the food.  Besides food, I’ve been in this little early nesting stage. Since we’ve only been in our new apartment for a few months we’re still planning and shifting things as we go.  Adding baby things to that confuses the mix a little.  I’ve been slowly purging, making lists of things to get and reorganizing rooms but there still is so much more to be done.

On the plus side, more things to do, means more blogs to post.  DIY baby items are going to be happening, as well as some refinishing of furniture and some life hacks.  Tomorrow I will have a blog on everything they don’t tell you about pregnancy so far, and some of my little tricks that have been getting me by.

For now though, enjoy your day!


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