A Day late..

Hi guys! So if you notice, I’ve got a new layout.  Took a little bit for me to get things understood in the blogging world, but here I am.  I said I’d have a post for you Sunday, a day late, but here I go.

Let’s go back to Sunday around 6am;  I rise from bed with a sense of urgency that I don’t usually have, and for what reason you ask? I’m going to Virginia to see my twin sister and her family! Well, truth be told, I was also excited to go to Ikea. I don’t know if you’ve ever been to an Ikea before, but you’re walking through a land of unknown, buying things you didn’t know you needed.  Back to my morning though.  So typically I start my morning off with a giant cup of coffee, and a glass of lemon water.  French Press coffee is 20180225_073730my absolute favorite.  Moving on with my morning, I threw some stuff into the crock pot for dinner later and woke up my husband to get ready to leave.

Now, I don’t know about you, but the drive from here (Pennsylvania) to Potomac Mills isn’t something I look forward to.    These three made the drive all worth it though. (Not pictured is my youngest nephew Logan) They may not behave all the time, and they ran me all over Ikea, but these kids are my world.  So I spend the whole day with my favorite people; Sawyer (my husband), my twin sister, Mary & her husband Brandon.

Now that we’re caught up with me being a day behind, lets get to today, Monday.  Some people think of Monday as a day they despise but for me, it’s a day to catch up. I get to clean my apartment, catch up with laundry and have a quiet day to myself with my dog and cat and my rabbit.  I drink too much coffee, wear sweatpants all day, and do whatever I want to do.  Not too many people get to do that on a Monday.

Now, I recently started doing the Rory Gilmore Book List (check it out right there.) I’ve challenged myself to read at least one chapter before bed, that doesn’t always happen, but I try.  I’ve finished The Great Gatsby, and I’ve just started 1984.  I don’t know about you, but I am a major book junkie. No lie, I have purchased about 15 books in the last two weeks.  Some of them are on the list, others are not.  Once I’ve finished 1984, I will be posting a blog review.  If you haven’t read the book, you need to. George Orwell is a genius.

Well, before I keep rambling about books, and everything else, I will end my evening post.

Wednesday will be a food blog!


Who am I?

If you’re reading this, you should have a slight idea of who I am. Or maybe you’ve come across this and thought this looked like a good read, well great! Welcome!

So first things first, who is the young woman behind the words of this website? A 26 year-old wife who low key hoards animals, loves gardening, cooks for fun, and enjoys the outdoors. What can you expect from this page? A WHOLE boatload of everything. I’m going to share everything from life experiences, to recipes, and everything in between.

To get a bit personal on this first post, my husband, Sawyer and I have been married for almost 5 months. We have Queen Delilah, our almost two-year-old pit-bull and King Pepper, our 6 month old kitten who rule the house. Our lives are anything but ordinary. On top of Delilah and Pepper, we also have Phil, our rabbit, Squirrel, our gerbil (he’s an old man), Noodles, a baby ball python, and a freshwater fish tank and two saltwater fish tanks. 🙄 Low key animal hoarder here, I know. I would have more animals if my husband would let me.

My long term goals with this would be to teach my readers to cook healthy and fun, pass along some life hacks, share my crazy life stories with you, while living life to the fullest each day. I sure hope you’ll stick around and get to know me better.

Next post will be Sunday.